The Marathon and half Marathon will take you along the waterfront of Aruba, from Eagle beach, the "High Rise Area" up to the famous Light House. The 10K follows the same route but turns exactly at the top of the Light House. And the 5K is the half of the 10K course and has a very special turning point. To see the course use the buttons with the distances. 

Fluid replacement
Along the full marathon course there are 12 water stations of which 2 with Isotonic sport drink, bananas and oranges. For the Half Marathon there are 7 water stations including 1 Isotonic sport drink and 2 water stations with bananas and oranges. For the 10K there are 3 water stations and for the 5K there is 1 water station.

At the finish, there is a shower lane, High Energy sport drink, water and fruit.

Finish on the Beach
The Start of the Marathon is 4.00 am (twice the half Marathon course), the Half Marathon starts at 6.00 am, the 10K at 07.00 am,  and the 5K starts at 7.30 am. All distances will finish approximately at the same time at the famous beach of the Marriott Resort and Ritz Carlton to celebrate all together this unique Caribbean running event with a big Celebration Beach Party! Runners, friends & family, everybody is invited!