Course and water stations

Please Keep Hydrated before, during and after the Race! 

Half en hele marathon


10km marathon


5km marathon

5K: Toilets at start and finish
10K: Toilets at start and finish and IMAX ( 4,8km)
21K: Toilets at start and finish, Lighthouse (8KM) and IMAX (16KM)
42.2K :Toilets at start and finish, Lighthouse (8KM), IMAX (16KM), Start/FINISH (21.1KM), Lighthouse (29,1km) and IMAX (37KM)

The course will take you along the waterfront of Aruba, from Eagle beach, the "High Rise Area" up to the famous Light House.

The Marathon Course is a loop, twice the Half Marathon Course. The first loop in the dark (start 3:15 am), the second in daylight, together with all other distance runners. The Half Marathon runners start at 05:15 am and they will join the Full Marathon Runners with their second round. It is getting daylight around 6:00 am. The 10K starts at 06:15 am and the will join the Full and Half Marathon runners with their last 10K.

The 5K starts at 05:30pm

The start and finish (on the beach) is at Hilton Aruba.
On Sunday all distances will finish approximately at the same time at the famous beach of the Hilton Aruba to celebrate all together this unique Caribbean running event with a big Celebration Beach Party! Runners, friends & family, everybody is invited!. Hot-dogs, snacks, beer and softdrinks can be bought at several places.
On Saturday after the 5K race starts the 5K Awards Ceremony and a happy Hour on the Beach.

Tip! Bring your suncream, dip in the Ocean and make it the best Finish After Party with friends and family, ever!

Fluid replacement
Along the Full Marathon course there are 14 water stations of which 4 with Powerade and bananas. For the Half Marathon there are 7 water stations including 2 with Powerade and with bananas. For the 10K there are 3 water stations and for the 5K there is 1 water station. At the finish, there is a shower lane, High Energy sport drink, water and fruit.

Time cut off: You must be able to complete the Full Marathon in 6 hours and the Half Marathon in 4 hours. Runners who are reached by the sweeper vehicle, based on the passing-time table, and will therefore certainly exceed the time limit will be called upon by a member of the jury to leave the race and, for reasons of safety, get into the sweeper vehicle. Time table: 5 km: 00:42:39/ 3:57:39, 10 km: 01:25:18/ 4:40:18, 15 km: 02:07:58/ 5:22:58, Half Marathon 03:00:00/ 6:15:00, 25 km: 03:18:16/ 6:48:16, 30 km: 04:15:55/ 7:30:55, 35 km: 04:58:35/ 8:13:35, 40 km: 05:41:14/ 8:56:14, Marathon: 06:00:00/ 9:15:00