Run 4 Charity

Participation is everything

Run for your own chosen charity, raise awareness and get fit: The ultimate goal. Each participant who runs during the KLM Aruba Marathon will get his name and "target" on this page! 

Here are our some fundraising ideas that you can fit into your everyday life. 

5K run or walk

A short distance which most people can achieve. A reasonable target to be set here is $150. Fundraising tip number 1 is to ask your 30 closest friends in person to sponsor you $5, $1 per km and explain to them how the money will help support your chosen charity.

10K  run or walk

A distance that again can be achieved by most people. A reasonable target to be set here is $300. Fundraising Tip number 2 is to Use social media such as Facebook to contact all of your friends and ask them to sponsor you. The average person has 120 friends on Facebook so ask for $5 and all you need is 50% of your friends to sponsor you.

Half Marathon

You are now stepping into a serious distance and you need to consider this very carefully. You need to train hard and a reasonable target to be set here is $500 - $1000. Fundraising Tip number 3 is to check with your boss to see if you receive match-giving. If so you have just halved your fundraising target.


Completing a marathon is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life and the self satisfaction will also come with a high fundraising target of $1500+ but don't be deterred by this as this is very much part of the achievement. Fundraising tip number 4 is to arrange a fundraising event and ask your friends and family to help.