Virtual Aruba Run October 17th-25th 2020

Let's unite and run the 'Virtual Aruba Run' together. Join fellow runners around the globe. Run everywhere, inside or outside even in your own beautiful backyard. Please run on your own, not in groups or in any organized way!!!!!!

How Does it Work?
Run the 5K, 10K or 21.1K distance on your own, wherever you are and at your own pace between October 17th-25th, 2020 in your local park, the beach, favorite running trail or on a treadmill.
E-mail your result from any tracking app by e-mailing to including your start number

On our website we will publish the results per distance.

Sign up, lace up and get involved (safely and on your own). Enjoy the Virtual Race! 

We wish you, your families and friends the very best.
Stay safe, keep social distance and we will WIN this Race together!

Kees van Muiswinkel,
Chairman Foundation Run in the Sun

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